Why I Hate YA Literature

As you can surely tell from the title, we are about to embark on a positive, constructive analysis of one of the most pervasive genres in modern America: YA lit. For the uninitiated among you, this abbreviation refers to “young adult literature,” books written for middle-to-high school aged audiences. And I hate it. I have […]

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Sweater Weather

We as a society are coming up on one of the most divisive times of year, if we haven’t reached it already: the dawn of sweater weather. On one side are the warm weather lovers; the sun princesses, beach boys, and school-haters. On the other side are the boot-wearing, pumpkin spice latte-drinking, Halloween-loving maniacs who […]

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And Beyond

I am officially no longer an art student. Eventually I will change my blog description, “my life at art school (and beyond),” but before I do I will write one last post about the beyond. AKA, Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota. Mom and I arrived Saturday night and moved me into my apartment on Sunday. […]

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The Law

Objectively speaking, laws are generally good. They discourage people from doing bad things and give us a way to punish people when they do those bad things anyway. On the other hand, there are some really stupid laws– honestly, why do we even have speed limits?  Overall, I feel like we as a country and world […]

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