A not-Megablog about Road Trips

In my most recent blog, I wrote about air travel. I have also previously written about driving in Savannah. Today I would like to merge those two ideas into one megablog about road tripping. On second thought, this doesn’t really warrant the title “megablog.” I’m going to save that one for later. To kick of […]

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Metal Tubes in the Sky

The thing about your entire family living far away is that it means you get to go on a lot of vacations and you don’t have to pay for lodging when you do. Consequently, I have been flying since before I can remember (which, incidentally, coincides with the pre-9/11 glory days). Oddly enough, I don’t actually have […]

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The Art Institute of Chicago

Today I went on a little solo adventure. I am currently in Chicago, having tagged along with Mom, who is here on business, with “college visits” as my convenient excuse. So while she was at a meeting all day, I went into town and visited the Art Institute of Chicago. It was a day well […]

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My Love Letter to Savannah

Dear Savannah, You’re hot and humid as hell. There were times that I walked through your shady squares and uneven cobblestone sidewalks and felt like I was in some sweaty person’s armpit. Your incessant humidity made me cry. But I love you. You’re a pain in the ass to drive through. I don’t understand the […]

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What I Learned in Germany

I was one of seven people in my high school class who took four years of German, and let me tell you, that was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only do I get to say I’m “proficient” in German on applications and résumés, I also had the opportunity to be part […]

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