Why I Hate YA Literature

As you can surely tell from the title, we are about to embark on a positive, constructive analysis of one of the most pervasive genres in modern America: YA lit. For the uninitiated among you, this abbreviation refers to “young adult literature,” books written for middle-to-high school aged audiences. And I hate it. I have […]

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Defining Ophelia

Ophelia has not been remembered fondly over the years. “Fragile,” “wanton,” and “weak” are commonly ascribed traits to this admittedly tragic heroine; it seems she is either a cold temptress or an object of pity, and rarely anything more. These epithets, though reductive, are forgivable conclusions— when the title character utters over a third of […]

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Me and Shakespeare: Updated

I’ve officially been in my Shakespeare class for more than half a quarter, and with that experience, I have a clearer vision of our relationship. I know you all have been dying to hear about my transformation (or lack thereof) regarding one of the western world’s greatest authors, so I won’t keep you in suspense […]

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Me and Shakespeare

My relationship with Shakespeare is a tumultuous one. On the one hand, I am a fan of puns and made up words. On the other, I’m constantly infuriated by the idiocy of certain characters. On another, I read two of his plays under the guidance of Mrs. O, which means I know a lot– almost […]

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Let’s talk about Mockingjay.

At the risk of losing all my friends, I have something to say. I love Mockingjay. Honestly. It’s the best book in the series, hands down. I know that’s a very uncommon, possibly unpopular opinion to have, but it’s what I think, and I would like to address some of the common complaints about Mockingjay […]

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