A not-Megablog about Road Trips

In my most recent blog, I wrote about air travel. I have also previously written about driving in Savannah. Today I would like to merge those two ideas into one megablog about road tripping. On second thought, this doesn’t really warrant the title “megablog.” I’m going to save that one for later. To kick of […]

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The Law

Objectively speaking, laws are generally good. They discourage people from doing bad things and give us a way to punish people when they do those bad things anyway. On the other hand, there are some really stupid laws– honestly,¬†why do we even have speed limits? ¬†Overall, I feel like we as a country and world […]

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Driving in Savannah

Perhaps the biggest change from last quarter to this one is that now my car (referred to from here on out as Tabitha because that is her given Christian name) is here. This has already saved my ass on multiple occasions. Tabitha herself is unchanged, save for the substitution of a giant bottle of fake […]

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