The Art Institute of Chicago

Today I went on a little solo adventure. I am currently in Chicago, having tagged along with Mom, who is here on business, with “college visits” as my convenient excuse. So while she was at a meeting all day, I went into town and visited the Art Institute of Chicago. It was a day well […]

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The thing about tough decisions is that it ends up occupying all your thought and time, so you don’t really have anything to write a blog about besides these facts of life that don’t really need their own blog post. That being said, it’s time to write about my departure from art school. Let’s just […]

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My mom gave me a plant.

This plant was grown from a plant that she was given in celebration of my birth a little over 19 years ago. It traveled with us in the back seat of Tabitha from Nebraska through Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia until it moved onto my nightstand in Savannah, where it is now a […]

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Everything I Know About Art

As you may have heard, I am an art student at an art school. The kind of school whose core curriculum includes courses such as “Color Theory” and “Survey of Western Art.” The kind of school where public speaking isn’t called public speaking, it’s called “Speaking of Ideas.” The kind of school where architecture is […]

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Welcome 2016

Good evening. As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in a while. This is because I’ve spent the last two weeks celebrating the holidays, passing a kidney stone, packing for college, driving to college, and going to college, in that order. As a result, I don’t really have a whole lot of new […]

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Awkward Icebreakers

As it turns out, introducing yourself on a blog is just as awkward as doing it in real life via awkward icebreaker games. Or just in general. So to keep things as chill as possible, I’m just going to throw out a photo and a few facts about myself and pretend this is totally natural. […]

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