Goodbye 2016 Almost

At the dawn of this year, I wrote a blog welcoming 2016. Apparently 2016 did not appreciate this welcome because honestly it’s been kind of a bitch. But this is supposed to be a positive blog so I’m not going to dwell on that. The point is that as of yesterday, every expectation I had for […]

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And Beyond

I am officially no longer an art student. Eventually I will change my blog description, “my life at art school (and beyond),” but before I do I will write one last post about the beyond. AKA, Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota. Mom and I arrived Saturday night and moved me into my apartment on Sunday. […]

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I hate the sun.

Mere years ago, I had a hypochondriac streak running deep in my psyche. I am an expert on the symptoms of appendicitis because, at least 6 times a year, I thought I had appendicitis. I’m still not convinced my occasional migraines aren’t caused by an alien spore lodged in my brain. Fortunately for my long-suffering mom, this […]

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Lately I’ve been trying new things. Not as a super belated New Year’s Resolution or because someone dared me to, but because my life is currently in the “my week was ruined when my family watched the Outlander season premiere without me because that was literally all I had planned to do in that seven-day […]

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Red Flags

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog for a while, you probably have an idea of what kinds of things I write about. For example, I like literature and Savannah and bands. One topic I don’t tend to talk about a lot is relationships. There are two reasons for this: I have far better […]

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The thing about tough decisions is that it ends up occupying all your thought and time, so you don’t really have anything to write a blog about besides these facts of life that don’t really need their own blog post. That being said, it’s time to write about my departure from art school. Let’s just […]

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Imagine Dragons & Me

People express love in a lot of different ways. For example, my dog Lucy makes a lot of noises and knocks you over. My grandma serves two pieces of delicious homemade tiramisu at a time instead of one. My cat Batman pees on your clothes. I, however, express my love by incessant weeping. Not for […]

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