The One and Only Blog I Will Write About Politics

Okay, I know. Politics is difficult and polarizing and incites a lot of feelings in a lot of people. I don’t know your personal reasons for reading this blog, but if some of them include a chance to read about something other than the impending presidential election, I’m sorry. But I want to speak my truth and advocate for someone I believe in.

That person is Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico and the libertarian nomination for the presidency. Also, he climbed Mount Everest. I’m not saying you should definitely vote for him because of that, but I’m not saying it shouldn’t factor heavily into your decision making process.

Everything you need to know, in one convenient photo.

I’m not going to try to tell you who to vote for or support. That’s not my place. All I want to do is point out that there is an option besides Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and he’s honestly a pretty good one. And, most importantly, he’s doing a hell of a lot better than third party candidates usually do.

The above article has Gary Johnson polling at 16%, which is extremely high for a third party candidate– he only needs 15% to appear at the presidential debates (providing nobody tries to change the rules to block him out, a possibility pointed out to me by future city councilman Logan Herring). For the first time in a while, a third party candidate has real momentum. Maybe not to become president, but at least to chip away at the deeply entrenched two-party system.

This is, in essence, my plea to you: Even if you feel that another candidate better represents your interests, don’t count Gary out. Talk about him. Acknowledge him. Tell your disillusioned friends about him. He’s there, and he’s a damn good alternative. If we as a country decide to legitimize Gary Johnson’s bid for the presidency (and with a man like Donald Trump leading for the Republican nomination, we really have absolutely no excuse not to), we can open the door to third party candidates to actually have a voice in politics. Maybe Gary Johnson isn’t destined to be the 44th president of the United States (45th if we count Grover Cleveland twice), but he certainly is poised to kickstart the collapse of the two-party system. At the very least, let him have that legacy. If you aren’t interesting in voting for him, please, please acknowledge him. Let the government know that we’re tired of the stagnation in Washington and we want options.

(But also vote for Gary Johnson.)


One thought on “The One and Only Blog I Will Write About Politics

  1. I’m always glad to read more about alternative candidates, and Johnson’s well worth looking at more closely. I’m more of a Jill Stein/Green New Deal supporter, but I agree with you that third (and more) parties should get more coverage. It would benefit all of us to hear from them.


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