6 Word Summaries

This is less of a normal blog post and more of a game. While sitting in the kitchen with my mom the other day, she showed me a post on Facebook challenging people to summarize their favorite books in six words. To the surprise of no one, I embraced the idea fully and began composing brief […]

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Me and Shakespeare

My relationship with Shakespeare is a tumultuous one. On the one hand, I am a fan of puns and made up words. On the other, I’m constantly infuriated by the idiocy of certain characters. On another, I read two of his plays under the guidance of Mrs. O, which means I know a lot– almost […]

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We don’t forget.

About halfway through last quarter, one of my roommates forgot her student ID when we went to dinner. She had to go back to the dorm and get it, we missed our bus, and ended up having dinner about 45 minutes later than planned. It was actually pretty hilarious. Unfortunately for my roommate, we’re probably […]

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There is no place like Nebraska

The second most common question I get when I tell people I’m from Omaha (right after “Where is that?”) is “Oh, Nebraska! You must be a Huskers fan!” Well, no, I’m not. In fact, until last week the only time I’d ever been to Memorial Stadium was for their marching band expo. But that’s not […]

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