Awkward Icebreakers

As it turns out, introducing yourself on a blog is just as awkward as doing it in real life via awkward icebreaker games. Or just in general. So to keep things as chill as possible, I’m just going to throw out a photo and a few facts about myself and pretend this is totally natural.


That’s me with my dog Lucy and a good place to start. My name is Rachel and I love dogs. I have another dog named Gracie. (I also have a cat named Batman but I don’t care about him.) I was born in Columbus, Georgia, before I spent some time in Peachtree City trying to hit every mailbox on our cul de sac with a golf cart. After that, I lived outside of Memphis for three years, and then we up and moved just outside of Omaha, Nebraska, where I spent over a decade attending school and learning to hate corn. Once I graduated from Gretna High School, I moved back to Georgia to study performing arts and writing at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and that brings us pretty much up to date.

I started this blog mostly for the sake of my writing major. As it is, I love to write but don’t particularly love sharing it, which incidentally does not make for a lucrative career. So this is the place to be if you want to follow the adventures of a double-majoring art student.

Let’s talk about that for a second. I’m double majoring not because I hate myself, but rather because I have two definite passions: telling stories and making people laugh. It took me a few years to realize that I cared about these things way more than psychoanalyzing criminals for the FBI (what a backup plan though), but with the help of an excellent play production department and some seriously inspiring English teachers, I was able to come to terms with following my real passions and majoring in “waitressing,” as my mom puts it.

So here I am at SCAD, ready to learn and get some knowledge. (Is that from Spongebob or Finding Nemo? I think it’s Finding Nemo.) I hope you decide to keep up with this blog, because if it’s not entertaining now, it eventually will be, because that’s kind of the point of going to college.

Now that this icebreaker post is over, let’s make it fun: I’m a bee and you’re a bee too, if you… absolutely do not know how to wrap up introductory blog posts.

peace ☮


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